Mission & Vision

Our Mission

DIFFERENTIATE ourselves in the market by providing our clients with teams that deliver results through core competency and proper resource allocation.

INNOVATE with products and insights that push the envelope and provide each client value that Is, backed by performance and utility.

REPLICATE our success story with each and every client relationship by basing it on the pillar values of fair, honest dealing with every business associate.

Our Vision

At Clavecon, our vision can be encapsulated in two simple words 'Build Global'. We aim to redefine concrete manufacturing and delivery by enabling each vertical of this business sector to elevate itself to global standards of quality. This means more productive methods and technology that Is eco-friendly as well as cost effective along with shorter project time lines and within these factors lies the bigger picture. Our vision is to put the concrete industry of India on an organized platform where targets are achieved and goals are set efficiently. We envision an industry platform that is equipped to give India its own new generation of skyscrapers and modern building infrastructure.
Time Saver

In a direct benefit to developers, due to all its features buildings made with AAC as opposed to typical clay brick buildings, can be completed 50% faster. This reduces project budgets and delivery time space.

Energy Efficient

The materials used in AAC blocks require less energy to produce. Lime, which is one of the main mix components, is processed at lesser energy as compared to Portland cement which is fired at higher temperatures.

Fire Resistance

A fire is one of the most lethal accidents a building can face. Be it a commercial or a domestic establishment. The closed nature of a structure in case of a fire hazard puts the building and those inside at a great risk.

Pest Resistancy

As the primary material used in the manufacturing of AAC is inert, termites or other pests cannot breed and thrive in the same. This means AAC are free from infestations and the diseases caused by the same.

Light Weight

When compared to normal concrete, AAC weighs just 1/4th of the conventional concrete material. The millions of tiny air pockets lend AAC this characteristic. With a density of 700Kg/m3 they are lighter than water and can float.

Environment Friendly

As the industrial world evolves, it has become crucial for businesses to adopt smart technologies that help them achieve targets and at the same time, reduce the negative impact on the environment as much as possible.

Our Commitments

Principles that we follow at every level in our organization

Innovative Product

AAC is a long lasting material that can be modified to suit various architectural design needs ranging from standard styles to even avant garde experimental projects.

Consistent Quality

With an ethical approach and professional service, the group takes pride in taking continuous efforts to intensify customer value & quality at every step.

Timely Delivery

The infrastructure available in the company is more than adequate to ensure timely and quality supply of material as our factory site is spread over 3 hectares of land and having a large storage space.

Cost Effective

Being 50% lighter than conventional clay bricks of equal dimensions, AAC allows the entire structure to be lighter and reduces project cost of steel and concrete to be used in beams, columns and slabs.